Poc vent i només cinc proves realitzades en tres dies, a les que en Toni ha fet dos primers, seguim a l’espera de més novetats. Clicka a + info per veure videos i classificacions
The under-17 boys have been divided into two fleets. The conditions were clearly perfect for Ofek Elimelech from Eilat who took the bullet in both races in his fleet, and heads the leaderboard, whilst in the other fleet honours were split between Daniel Wilson from Great Britain taking race 1 and Toni Bonet from Cataluna winning race 2. Toni is third overall but rather more consistent results from Israeli Atai Kinarti from Mickmoret puts him second overall. VIDEO DEL SEGON DIA VIDEO DEL TERCER DIA docs/2012EuropeansMurcviau17b_after5.pdfClassificació Provisional